Collection: Oils

Coconut Oil:

Hydrating and protective properties that soothe irritated skin and improve hair's appearance.

 Almond Oil:

 Rich in Vitamin E, potassium, zinc, proteins, and monounsaturated fatty acids. These properties are beneficial for increasing beard growth, eliminating dandruff, and reducing inflammation. It's also very light oil which is great for facial hair

 Argan Oil:

 Helps reduce beard itch, dandruff, and ingrown hairs, and thanks to its natural squalene and vitamin E content, your facial hair will be perfectly moisturized and beard split-ends

 Jojoba Oil:

Promotes hair growth; By moisturizing your beard, the oil reduces breakage, thereby eventually leading to a longer and fuller beard. Further, jojoba oil can reduce the build-up of sebum – naturally occurring skin oil – which can make it more difficult for your beard hair to grow.

 Aloe Extract:

Replenish and nourish the dry skin underneath the beard and adds some moisture and shine directly to the beard hair fibers.

 Vitamin E:

Extremely important for maintaining; the health of skin and hair. Vitamin E increases blood circulation, which ensures that the hair follicles get all the minerals, nutrients, and oxygen they require for proper