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Chic Ezotic Body Bedtime soft handmade whipped Gourmet Shea Butter (Unisex)

Chic Ezotic Body Bedtime soft handmade whipped Gourmet Shea Butter (Unisex)

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handmade whipped Gourmet Shea Butter


Chic Ezotic Body now has a therapeutic line of gourmet shea butters

Please say hello to Bedtime!!

Are you in the need of a little R & R?

Bedtime will not only refresh & relax your skin, it also will melt into your skin, providing you with around the clock moisture. Giving your skin a natural glow!



Smells so yummy!!!



Shea Butter: softens the skin, anti-inflammatory & healing properties
Mango Butter: fatty acids & antioxidants, rich, nourishing, helps benefit with conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
Vitamin E: supports immune system cell functions & skin
Jojoba: deeply hydrating, nutritious for skin, has vitamin E & B, antioxidants , chromium, copper and zinc
Black Seed Oil: assists with eczema, acne & psoriasis
Olive Oil: moisturizes skin, protects skin & balances moisture levels.
Fragrance: helps you to stay smelling great all day
Fragrance notes: Lemongrass, Bergamot & Avocado
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kimberly Jelks

Chic Ezotic Body Bedtime soft handmade whipped Gourmet Shea Butter (Unisex)

Tracey Williams
My Bedtime gourmet shea butter is life!

Bedtime is one of my favorite scents :-) I've always love Chic Ezotic's shea butter and this whipped gourmet shea butter is an unexpected treat!

Gourmet Chicezotic

The name says it all! Gourmet Chicezotic!!! My husband and I absolutely love the scents and that the products are moisturizing without being "greasy". I myself love that the shea butters are whipped and easy to rub on. P.S. Thanks for placing ice packs in with our order so they didnt melt in this heat!! I ❤❤

Peaceful Slumber

I was introduced to this product by a friend. I found the texture to be smooth and melts easily for application. The scent helps to promote relaxation which induced a peaceful rest. Lastly, the combination of ingredients are hydrating to my skin. I finished my 4oz gift and purchased a pound to enjoy the product more and for a longer period of time :-)