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Chic Ezotic Body Golden Sand handmade whipped Gourmet Shea Butter with imported oil SIZE: Men/Women)

Chic Ezotic Body Golden Sand handmade whipped Gourmet Shea Butter with imported oil SIZE: Men/Women)

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Golden Sand
handmade whipped Shea Butter with imported oil
Golden Sand is a scent that you don't need a lot of. It's a very smooth scent that the women and men just can't get enough of. This special blend has an imported oil in it.
Shea Butter: softens the skin, anti-inflammatory & healing properties
Mango Butter: fatty acids & antioxidants, rich, nourishing, helps benefit with conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
Vitamin E: supports immune system cell functions & skin
Jojoba: deeply hydrating, nutritious for skin, has vitamin E & B, antioxidants , chromium, copper and zinc
Black Seed Oil: assists with eczema, acne & psoriasis
Olive Oil: moisturizes skin, protects skin & balances moisture levels.
Imported Fragrance: helps you to stay smelling great all day
Fragrance Notes: Spices, Mint Orange, Bergamot, Rose Violet, Jasmine, White Musk,
Sandalwood, Amber & Vanilla
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Zakiya Cita
Love, love, love this product!

I found this product in a small boutique store during a trip to LA last spring and have not went without it ever since. I get compliments on the smell, but it's the products lightness and ability to keep me moisturized that I love!

Clarence Lewis IV
My lifetime moisturizer

This product is everything. Made for me as if I was asked by a doctor what my skin needed and more. Telling everyone I know about it.

Hey Clarence,

Thank You for an amazing review, we value you as a client.

Sumptous Butters

This is some of the most amazing body butter. It has a rich consistency that feels like silk when rubbed against your skin. The scent is simply amazing and I would recommend that you try it. As a matter of fact, get 2 when you order so you'll have a backup when you run out.

Hi Lynette,

We appreciate your continued support, thank you so much for this amazing review!

David Hammett Jr
Body Goodness

This scent is my absolute FAVORITE.... From the first smell I fell in love. I applied it midday and went to the gym later that evening.... to my surprise not only was the scent still there that evening but the fragrance intensified throughout my workout. I was sold from that moment and I've been telling everyone about it. Not only because of the fragrance but the way the butter makes my still feel is amazing. It leaves you with a shine and keeps your skin moisturized all day. Golden Sands or as I call it "White" Sands is my #1

Annette W.
Golden Sands

This is one on my favorites Shea Butters. It’s refreshing to feel like your golden with Golden Sands all over your body.